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is pleased to share an announcement from our friends in Virginia

VaCAP is excited to launch a Consumer Protection Campaign!

For months we prepped, we discussed, we negotiated, we wrote, we edited, wrote some more, edited some more…. finally, we recorded.

We have three 60 second consumer protection announcements airing on WRVA 1140 News Radio starting on Monday April 29th.  The three consumer protection announcements will air randomly throughout the day for two weeks. WRVA 1140 News Radio live streams through Radio.com and iHeart Radio so anyone can tune in and listen. The consumer protection announcements will refer listeners to VaCAP’s website  for more information where we have added a consumer page.
page has articles directly relating to consumer protection and consumer education.
*Go to VaCAP online.com (no spaces)

Click on the topics to listen to our announcements.
The Importance of an Appraisal

Protect Your Largest Investment
Raising the Appraisal Threshold

In addition to the consumer protection announcements:
VaCAP  President Pat Turner will be a guest on The Home Show with Richard McKann, Saturday May 4th from 7:30 to 8:00 AM Eastern time.
The discussion will focus mainly on consumer protection, however listeners can call in with questions, so the conversation could go anywhere. 
This too can be lived streamed through 
and iHeart Radio. 

This is just the beginning of greater things to come!


Filed in the Senate April 1, 2019
S.B. 462
Modifications to NC Appraisal Board

The North Carolina Legislature is currently considering a bill
that will change the education / qualifications for appraisers in our state.
To read S.B. 462
This bill proposed by the NC Appraisal Board, brings NC law into line with
the Appraisal Foundation's Appraiser Qualifications Board's 
education and qualifications for trainees and appraisers.

NCREAA supports maintaining the integrity of the appraisal profession
and thereby ensuring the public trust.
We will continue to monitor the progress of this Senate bill.

NCREAA will be following this and any other legislation that affects appraisers in our state. We also work with other appraiser organizations across the country to address national issues through the
Network of State Appraiser Organizations / NSAO.

The North Carolina Appraisal Board held a special meeting 02/25/2019 to review the registration of an
appraisal management company. 

was there representing appraisers.

Follow the link below to read the

Order of Summary Suspension for

The suspension
became effective on 3/1/2019.


Follow this link to see the details!


is currently in our
Annual Dues Renewal Period for
Annual Dues are Only

NC Appraiser License Number
Name on NC Appraiser License

Anyone may pay dues by check 
Make your check payable to
and mail to the NCREAA Treasurer at the address on our application form found HERE.

NCREAA is a registered non-profit organization in the state of NC,
however, your NCREAA Membership dues are not deductible as charitable contributions.


NCREAA networks, communicates and meets regularly with other state appraiser organizations across the country.
Many have passed beneficial legislation in their states. This networking experience between state appraiser organizations is an invaluable tool in refining our legislative efforts here in North Carolina, and
NCREAA is proud to participate in this nationwide collaborative effort to address appraiser issues!

NCREAA is a founding member of
the Network of State Appraiser Organizations, NSAO,
which currently includes
* 30 *
various state appraiser organizations working together to represent and advocate for appraisers nationwide.
Learn more here;

NSAO Facebook Page

NCREAA continues to work on behalf of our members

and all of the hard working appraisers in North Carolina.
Advocating for Appraisers
Join us!


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